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Are you dealing with an insect problem that has grown to infestation proportions? It can be tempting to try the latest at-home tricks for getting rid of pests fast, but do-it-yourself pest control is almost always a waste of time and money. The professional pest control services from EcoGuardian can get your home pest-free for a reasonable cost.


Ants tend to be a minor nuisance in small numbers, but the problem with these pests is that populations tend to explode rapidly. Carpenter ants cause structural damage, and fire ants cause painful stings. Learn More


Spiders are generally harmless helpers that get rid of other pests, but problems can crop up when populations grow to infestation levels. While it is rare for spiders to cause life-threatening health complications by biting people, small children, elderly individuals and pregnant women could all experience serious issues after being bitten by certain varies of the pest. Learn More

Tomball Pest Control


Cockroaches cause health issues by carrying and spreading disease. The bacteria that these pests leave behind in fecal matter can even be circulated throughout a home when cockroaches are present in the ducts. Respiratory complications can be caused by cockroach infestations. Learn More

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Many homeowners feel that do-it-yourself pest control methods are ideal for cost savings, but the truth is that these techniques fall short when it comes to effectiveness. A professional exterminator can be trusted to efficiently and effectively rid your home of pests. EcoGuardian provides affordable services that are completed by experienced technicians. We offer pest control solutions for people in Tomball and the surrounding areas. Contact us today to learn more about our offerings, to schedule an appointment or to obtain a free quote.