Get the Right Protection

Each year termites cause an estimated $5 billion in damage to homeowners. Because this is such a costly problem, especially here in Texas, termite warranties are a very popular way to eliminate the risk of becoming part of that statistic. We are happy offer our customers a Termite Warranty Program outlined in the four simple steps below.

At certain times of the year, termite colonies produce swarmers. Swarming usually occurs when there is a change to warmer temperatures. Because this winter has been unusually warm it is important for you to professionally inspect your home. Early detection is key to preventing damages and we are just a phone call away.

Many species of ants also produce winged adults, which can be very similar to winged termites. If you have a termite warranty, contact the pest control company as soon as possible so they can take appropriate action. If you do not have a termite warranty, give us a call and we can arrange an inspection by one of our certified technicians. They will help educate you on your options and the benefits of each option.

Warranty Program Steps

  •   Inspection

    We perform a FREE Termite Inspection to determine if your home is free of termites and eligible for coverage.

  •   Termites Found

    If termites are found we will help educate you on different treatments so you can make an informed decision that best fits your needs and budget.

  •   No Termites Found

    Each year, we perform another inspection as part of your plan's renewal to confirm your home is still termite free.

  •   Re-Inspection

    If termites are discovered during this re-inspection, we will treat your home to quickly eliminate termites at no additional cost.

Ant vs Termite