Pest Control Plano, TX

Bustling companies, great neighborhoods, and beautiful parks fill Plano, TX. Although this is an ideal setting, certain pests may cause headaches to homeowners and business owners. At EcoGuardian, we work hard to keep pests from ruining your home or office environment.

Pest Control Plano

In Plano, EcoGuardian provides both indoor and outdoor treatments to residential and commercial customers. This area faces a number of creatures that may cause structural damage and health concerns. Three of the most common services that we provide include roach control, bed bug treatment, and bee control. Roaches invade to find food and shelter. They multiply quickly. Since they carry bacteria that can make you and your family sick, it is important to get rid of them. We understand the best ways to handle roach control.

Bed bugs can cause a great deal of distress and are difficult to eradicate without professional help. During our bed bug treatment, we use a combination of customized products so that these pests are gone for good. Also, we handle stinging insects. Our bee control efforts prevent you and your loved ones from experiencing painful and dangerous bites.

Termite Control

Termites can be extremely destructive. By the time that they are detected, it may be too late. Termites often live within the walls of your home and eat wood structures. Since they are tricky to eliminate, professional help is essential. If you suspect termites, we will arrive and perform an inspection and offer localized spot treatments. Our warranty program ensures that termites never return. If they do, additional treatment is free.

Mosquito Treatment Control

At EcoGuardian, we comprehend the dangers and annoyances that mosquitoes bring. Since these insects are prevalent in Texas, pest control Plano services must address the problems. We offer a comprehensive mosquito treatment plan that is safe and effective. We use special techniques to spread natural products that reach the toughest cracks and crevices. In no time, these insects will be gone.

Additional Services

Besides pest control, EcoGuardian provides services that enhance the condition of your home. We install leaf stoppers, which clear gutters so that pests can't accumulate. When insulation has become damaged by pests, we provide new installation and take measures to keep future pests away. Finally, we install ComfortZone and DryZone products, which control moisture and conserve energy.

Pests We Service

  • ants
  • rodents
  • spiders
  • earwigs
  • crickets
  • bed bugs
  • bees and wasps
  • wildlife

How EcoGuardian Can Solve Your Pest Problems

With EcoGuardian, you get superior pest control service from a company that understands how to address problems around Plano, TX. We use organic pest control methods so that you and your family stay safe and enjoy effective results. Our organic pest control includes our EcoSMART Program. When you need help with pest issues, call us for a free quote at (832)632-9880.