Outdoor Pest Control Services

Are you dealing with an insect problem that has grown to infestation proportions? It can be tempting to try the latest at-home tricks for getting rid of pests fast, but do-it-yourself pest control is almost always a waste of time and money. The professional pest control services from EcoGuardian can get your home or business pest-free for a reasonable cost.

Perimeter Power Spray

Residual products will be used on the outside foundation of the house to ensure long lasting control. The power spray will provide an immediate knockdown for a wide array of pests. In addition to a quick knockdown, the power spray will provide a protective residual barrier that will continue to control pest activity for 60 to 90 days.

Perimeter Granulation

In order to achieve long lasting perimeter protection we have incorporated perimeter granulation into our service. This regular granulation of your homes perimeter structure and flowerbeds will help control a variety of pests from approaching your home and control the fire ants in your yard. The granulation is a water-activated form; therefore, have a high resistance to the elements, thus is not washed away by rain or irrigation. These water-activated granules will play an important role in providing long- lasting perimeter control.


Spiders often build their webs in the eaves of your home. These webs have egg sacs that contain hundreds of spiders inside. The de-web is a way to destroy these egg sacs and control the spiders from entering into the home when the door is opened.

Weep Hole Dusting

Periodically dusting weep holes and other cracks and holes along the base of the foundation will disrupt nesting areas around the foundation of your home.

Tomball Pest Control