McKinney Pest Control

McKinney is a city in Collin County, Texas with a population of 143,000. Located in the greater Dallas and Fort Worth area McKinney has a large percentage of suburban residencies. Wherever there are large areas of homes, there will be pests. Texas is known for having fierce and dangerous fire ants, and pests like earwigs and roaches are commonly found in homes across the USA.


You may have seen earwigs inside your home if you brought a damp box upstairs from your basement recently. Earwigs also hitch a ride to the inside of your home when you bring plants inside during the rain. Otherwise, earwigs tend to remain outside unless the weather becomes difficult. They have the ability to pinch and break skin, but these wounds only need to be treated as you would treat a scratch. They do the most damage to your plants, and they are known to eat flowers. Learn More

Fire Ants

Everyone has heard stories about fire ants. These tiny red ants pack a serious bite. If you notice any swarming activity, you may have a fire ant infestation. Fire ants can be dangerous to humans because their venom is extremely irritating. People can have severe reactions to the fire ant bite, including nausea, sweating or even death. Learn More

Tomball Pest Control


Roaches look for food at night, so they are hiding during the day. You will know that you may have an infestation if you see one or two wandering around your kitchen during the day. This could mean that there are so many in their hiding spaces that these few have been pushed out.

Roaches enter your home through cracks and crevices in the walls. They also come through the sewer system or the plumbing. Then, they shed their skins and leave urine and feces everywhere, and these substances can cause allergic reactions in children and sensitive individuals. Learn More

Professional Pest Control

If you were to try to eliminate earwigs, roaches or fire ants on your own, you would be signing up for a very difficult, dangerous, and expensive task. It may even be impossible because you cannot exterminate every pest in your home, but the professionals can. Give us a call at EcoGuardian Pest Control for a free quote today.