Rodents and Insulation
Don’t Mix.

Rats and mice are more destructive than you think. Fecal droppings, bad odors, and gnawed wires are a few of the problems rodents cause. Even worse, when they nest in your attic or wall insulation, they can spread diseases, create fire hazards, and compromise the cooling and heating of your home.

Signs of Trouble

Fecal Droppings Gnawed Wires
fecal droppings gnawed wires


The EcoGuardian Pest Control Process

If you see droppings or suspect rodent activity, contact EcoGuardian Pest Control immediately. Your EcoGuardian Pest Control Man will not only remove the pests, but he will inspect and assess the insulation in your home for damage.

Your EcoGuardian Pest Control Man is specially trained to:

• Eliminate rats and mice
• Remove and replace any damaged insulation
• Apply odor neutralizers
• Patch entry points to keep rodents from returning

The EcoGuardian Pest Control Guarantee

At Ecoguardian Pest Control, we want your expectations to be met. That’s why we offer a 30-day money-back guarantee. If you are not completely satisfied, simply contact your local office within 30 days of your initial service. We will address your concerns immediately. If we are not able to rectify the problem, we will refund your initial charge and any prepaid renewals.