Indoor Pest Control Services

Are you dealing with an insect problem that has grown to infestation proportions? It can be tempting to try the latest at-home tricks for getting rid of pests fast, but do-it-yourself pest control is almost always a waste of time and money. The professional pest control services from EcoGuardian can get your home or business pest-free for a reasonable cost.

Baseboard Treatment

Phantom will be used on the inside of the house to treat baseboards. Because ants and cockroaches don’t even know Phantom is there, they repeatedly cross through treated areas. This is exactly what we want them to do. That’s because pest can't avoid what they can’t detect. Nor will they become trapped inside your home as they can with a repellent barrier.

Tomball Pest Control

Cracks and Crevices

Expansion joints, foundation cracks, and tiny gaps around plumbing are all opportunities for pests to enter your home. EcoGuardian will focus on applying long lasting protection deep inside the cracks and crevices in and around your home. Eliminating pests at the source is imperative for complete control.


Strategic baiting and placement is crucial for effective pest management. Our service technicians will use a variety of baiting methods throughout your home to ensure a pest free environment. Proper baiting will eliminate free pest infestations that are often hidden from view. EcoGuardian bating procedures will safely and efficiently control pests in and around your home.

We provide our indoor pest control services to Houston, TX and the surrounding areas including Cypress, Sugar Land, Katy, Spring, and Tomball. If indoor pests are giving you problems, call EcoGuardian today.