Houston, TX Pest Control

Temperatures that rarely go below 32 degrees F appeal to Houstonians and to household pests as well. Roaches, bed bugs, ants and spiders enjoy food and water, shelter and warmth that human dwellings feature, and the climate is conducive. The danger of allowing pests in the home is that they can bite, spread germs and contribute to respiratory problems. Pest control removes dangerous and annoying insects from homes.

Combatting Roaches

Home owners dread finding German roaches that thrive in Houston’s humid climate. Brown and a little more than half an inch long, they eat anything and hide out of sight in crevices. Often entering a home in a potato or grocery bag, they are prolific breeders that can quickly create an infestation.

Easily identifiable by a yellow band on a reddish brown body, the American cockroach comes out at night. Scraps of food attract roaches that number far more than the one or two that scurry across a kitchen floor when the lights come on. About three inches long, the cockroach enters through cracks under doors and finds refuge in kitchens and bathrooms. Cockroaches can spread Salmonella and E. coli, and allergens in their feces and saliva aggravate asthmatic conditions. Learn More

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Dealing with Bed Bugs

About the size of a letter on a keyboard, bed bugs are difficult to see. Brown and oval, they survive by eating human blood. Stains on bed clothes indicate an infestation, and a musty odor usually accompanies it. Bed bugs enter homes in suitcases and briefcases or on clothing. Bites are dangerous when they cause secondary infections, but the itch is often unbearable. Learn More

Avoiding Ants in the House

Ants prefer to live outdoors, but a couple of the approximately 22,000 species cause problems for home owners. The most damaging is the carpenter ant that usually colonizes in dead trees while waiting to find damp wood inside a home. As a native of Texas and the largest ant in the United States, its bite contains formic acid that is extremely painful. Its strong jaws can tunnel into wood and seriously weaken it.

More of a nuisance than a threat, black crazy ants have an irregular way of moving. They are not shy about entering a home to find shelter in cold or damp weather to find sweet or greasy food. An insult to anyone who takes pride in having a clean home, they do not bite or sting. Learn More

Spider Control

Many spiders seem to help home owners by eating insects, but two venomous ones are highly dangerous. The head of the brown recluse has a violin shape on its head, a sign that warns against touching it. Found in dark areas, it can inhabit homes as well as sheds. The black widow is well known for the red hourglass that appears on the underside of its abdomen. Usually biting only when threatened, it may respond to an intrusion by a home owner. Controlling smaller pests that spiders feed on is a great way to control spiders. Learn More

Calling on the Professionals at EcoGuardian

Advanced research and high tech methods make EcoGuardian Pest Control highly effective and superior to others. Customized treatments for bed bugs, ants, roaches and spiders provide control that removes pest infestations and keeps homes free of dangerous and annoying insects. Residents of Houston face challenges in controlling household pests, and EcoGuardian Pest Control offers professional experience that can make them easy to meet.