Frisco Pest Control

Frisco is a city in Texas just outside of Dallas. Here at EcoGuardian, we get many reports of pest problems from Frisco homeowners. The pests we often get calls about are ants, spiders, and cockroaches. These are among the most common pests in the country, and Frisco is no exception. Pest infestations are troubling occurrences. Furthermore, bugs frequently decide to reside in even the cleanest of homes. If you suspect or have confirmation of an ant, spider or cockroach infestation in your residence, then contact us for professional assistance.


Your first sign of a cockroach infestation may be a pest sighting. When cockroaches infest your home, they will cause damage. For instance, the bugs will eat anything in your home that features nutrients including your wallpaper, storage boxes and clothing. Cockroaches can cause your home to have electrical problems because the bugs will sometimes dine on wires. Cockroaches also carry bacteria and viruses that are dangerous to humans. You may accidentally bring the creatures home with you from another location, or the bugs may enter your home through foundation cracks and small gaps around doors and windows. Learn More

Tomball Pest Control


When ants invade a home, the first sign of them is usually visual as you’re likely to see the pests having a snack in your kitchen. Keep in mind that most ant species do not cause destruction to your home or property. However, the insects can be a nuisance as they may infest your home in large numbers. The pest type can get into your home through window and door gaps as well as through foundation cracks. Learn More


A variety of spider species can infest your home, but in most cases, the insect will not destroy any elements of your residence. When the temperatures begin to drop during the fall, spiders will often move closer to your home for its warmth. The creatures will then lay their eggs nearby, and when the offspring hatches, the young spiders may move into your residence. Several species are venomous and dangerous to humans, so if you suspect that spiders are living with you, then contact an exterminator immediately. Learn More

Getting Pest Help

When pests like ants, spiders or cockroaches have infested your home, be sure to call us at EcoGuardian for a free quote. Our technicians will arrive to your residence quickly to confirm the type of infestation that you are facing, and once we have verified your bug problem, we will take the proper steps to eliminate it.