Katy Earwig Control

EcoGuardian Pest Control is a full service pest control company that proudly serves the entire Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex. We deal with every common pest in the region on a regular basis, including earwigs. These insects may not be particularly harmful to humans, but they can be a major nuisance when they accumulate on properties.

Identifying Earwigs

There are around 2,000 earwig species distributed throughout the world. The most common species in Texas are the brown-winged earwig, the linear earwig, the ring legged earwig, and the riparian earwig. They have flat black or brown bodies with plated wings, although most species are unable to fly. Their distinguishing feature is the large pincers attached to the ends of their abdomens. These pincers, called cerci, are used to grab their prey and attack enemies. Earwigs can use their cerci to pinch humans, but these pinches contain no venom and rarely cause bleeding.

Problems Caused by Earwigs

Earwigs prefer moist environments, and they often invade basements and other damp areas in large numbers. They feed on vegetation and can often be found foraging in gardens and back yards. Earwigs consume many types of soft fruits, vegetables, and berries. They also consume and destroy seedlings, leaves, and the petals of a variety of flowers.

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If you notice a large population of earwigs in or around your home, contact EcoGuardian to receive your free quote. Our pest control experts will use the best techniques and technology available to completely remove the insects from the premises. We will also treat the area to prevent earwig infestations for years to come.

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