Moisture is a major threat to your home’s value. In fact, moisture in your basement and crawl space may lead to serious structural damage over time. That’s why we created the Ecoguardian DryZone program – a customized and truly effective program to help control the moisture in your home’s crawl space and basement. Defending your home from the threat of moisture will prolong the longevity of your most valued asset.

The Amount of Damage Can’t Always Be Seen

Fungus can occur when wood moisture levels exceed just 20%, while wood rot can occur when levels exceed 28%. Look for sticking windows, mildew, peeling paint, aggravated allergies, and foul odors – all of which are signs that your home may have moisture problems. Optimum moisture levels vary by geographic region, but generally fall between 10-18%.

With Ecoguardian DryZone, you can reduce the humidity in your home, helping to stop wood decay and to control conditions that are conducive to pest and termite infestations. Additionally, DryZone can provide the following benefits for your home:

  • Extends the life of the structure
  • Helps prevent pipes from freezing
  • Keeps floors warmer in the winter
  • Improves indoor air quality
  • Increases energy efficiency
  • Saves over 15% on annual energy bill


Because every home is different, Ecoguardian can customize a DryZone Program for your home based on its construction type, geographical location, and the results of your inspection.

The DryZone Process

1. Detailed Inspection

Your Ecoguardian tech will conduct moisture readings, take photos, inspect and measure your home, and report findings to accurately identify moisture issues that may cause problems with your air ducts, water pipes, and foundation.


2. Implementation of a Customized Plan

To help protect your home from moisture issues, your Ecoguardian tech will recommend a series of steps.


3. Post-Installation Inspections and Monitoring

Ecoguardian will inspect your moisture control treatment annually and/or upon request for added peace of mind. The easy-to-use remote moisture sensor allows you to monitor the moisture levels in your crawl space or basement.


crawl space new

Reduces the increased levels of relative humidity and moisture that accompany crawl space and basement locations.

Sump Pump
Works with the dehumidifier to reduce levels of humidity and moisture.

Ecoguardian automatic vents
Improve ventilation and increase circulation, allowing existing crawl space moisture to escape.

Polyethylene overlay
Completely covers the ground and wall area as well as underpiping and ductwork whenever possible.

Sealed vents
Establish moisture barriers, encapsulating and foundation openings by sealing with an inch-thick piece of foam board and caulk.

Moisture sensor
Sends a radio frequency signal to a receiver placed in your living quarters for ongoing monitoring.

Best-Trained Technicians. Best Solutions

Ecoguardian Pest Control techs undergo rigorous training. Armed with an arsenal of resources that includes knowledge of construction and structural practices, they are experts on the most effective tools to help control moisture. They help protect your home and family using the most innovative methods possible. And they consider each home individually, customizing an insulation plan on initial inspection.