EcoGuardian Pest Control provides pest control to our customers within the greater Houston, TX & Dallas, TX areas. This region of the country experiences relatively warm temperatures all year, and this can be pleasant for many people. However, this warmth and humidity also invites a variety of common pests to set up nests in the region.


Ants are small insects that swarm in large numbers. They have small segments in their bodies and two antennae protruding from a small, oval head. There are several different species found in this area of Texas. Correctly identifying an ant infestation is a critical aspect of any effective pest control effort. Our professionals understand how to identify fire ants, carpenter ants, pavement ants, odorous ants and other species.


Roaches are a big problem in Texas. A roach infestation causes mental distress to people who have to endure the large colonies that often migrate from nearby infested properties. Like ants, there are different species in this area, and it is necessary to use professional service providers who understand the breeding patterns of each species. You may notice early signs of a roach infestation like egg sacs lying around. If you see even a few of these, you should call our service providers immediately. We specialize in eliminating them during the early stages, which prevents you from experiencing a full-blown infestation.

Bed Bugs

Bed bugs have large bodies with small heads, and they tend to appear when everyone is asleep. These pests can puncture the skin to draw a meal of blood. They leave small marks behind on the skin, and these areas can become infected. They often itch and swell, and the experience leaves a bad memory in the room. Our pest professionals can resolve the problems that go along with an infestation of beg bugs. We use modern techniques and tools to help you sleep soundly at night.


Termites are common in the warm and humid regions of Texas. These pests can enter your property through subterranean tunnels, and they use the wood of your home to build their nests. They can damage the internal structure of your property, and this can decrease the value of your home. Preventing a termite infestation is an ongoing process that starts when the home is being constructed. If your wood was not treated during construction, you may be vulnerable to a termite infestation.


Mosquitoes are small insects with wings, and they swarm in large numbers. They are attracted to areas where there are still bodies of water. They also tend to infest regions that experience high levels of humidity. Many species of mosquitoes pass through the areas around Houston and Dallas. Some of them carry diseases, and this can present a danger to anyone who is living with a depressed immune system.

Cypress Pest Control

Our professionals are adept at dealing with all kinds of pests in this area of Texas. We can identify and eliminate ants, roaches, bed bugs, termites, mosquitoes and many other pests from your property. At the first sign of a pest infestation, contact EcoGuardian for all of your pest control needs.