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EcoGuardian provides pest and rodent control services to cities throughout the Houston area. We deal with a variety of common pest problems, including cricket outbreaks. If crickets or any other pest plagues you, our pest control experts can quickly get rid of them.

Common Crickets in Texas

The most common cricket in Texas is the black field cricket, and most residents are familiar with the sight of large groups of them congregating during the summer and fall. Females lay several hundred eggs at a time, and their rapid breeding leads to frequent outbreaks. Camel crickets, also called cave crickets, can be distinguished from field crickets by their brown or yellowish bodies and rounded backs. They require moisture to survive, and they often invade damp areas such as laundry rooms and basements during periods of dry weather.

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Problems Caused by Crickets

Crickets are a major problem in the Southwest, especially in Texas. During periods of warm weather, hordes of them invade homes and other properties. Dead crickets tend to pile up near doorways and emit a foul odor. The chirping of large populations of crickets can be extremely annoying, especially at night. Some species cause damage inside homes by staining walls, drapes, and furniture with their feces. They also consume and destroy the fabric of soiled clothing.

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