Texas Ant Control & Solutions

There are many types of ants such as Fire Ants, Carpenter Ants, Pavement Ants, Odorous Ants and Moisture ants. No matter the kind they can be really persistent, making control challenging, most ants should be treated professionally and can have adverse behavior if “over the counter” products are used. Some things you can do to reduce the risk of ants infesting are:

  • Keep kitchen clean & free of food spills

  • Clean counters regularly

  • Keep areas around trash can clean

  • Trim all vegetation away from house at least 12”-18”

  • Keep exterior garbage receptacle clean

Sugar Land Fire Ant Control

Fire Ants can be a menace to Sugar Land residents, and residents in the surrounding areas of Houston, Texas. At EcoGuardian Pest Control, we recognize the dangers posed by these pests, and we appreciate your desire to eliminate fire ant colonies on your property.

Ant Pest Control

Fire ants are a kind of stinging ant that can be found all over the world. Unlike other ants, fire ants are known for the reddish color of their head. Most fire ants produce large colonies that form a mound above the ground. These ants will eat local plants and small insects. When a fire ant is about to deliver a sting, it will bite down to anchor its body and then deliver the sting. During the stinging process, a toxin is injected into the victim. For most people, the fire ant sting produces an unpleasant burning and itching sensation, but the toxin can be deadly to people with certain sensitivities. Multiple fire ant stings can also kill some small animals. Multiple stings are likely to occur if a human or pet accidentally encounters a fire ant mound because the ants will swell out of the mound to attack an intruder. These ants can also have negative effects on agriculture by endangering crops and livestock.

Fire Ant Control in the Greater Houston Area

Fire ants, including the invasive red imported fire ant, can be disruptive and deadly. The presence of colonies on your property can disrupt landscaping, a child's playtime, agriculture, and simple enjoyment of the outdoors. Eliminating a whole colony can be difficult with store-bought products, but our professional solutions can control your fire ant problems. We provide our pest control services to Houston and the surrounding areas including, Sugar Land, Katy, Tomball, Spring, and Cypress. Contact us for a free quote.